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What is Daview Talk?

Daview Talk aims to open a next-generation blockchain review and e-commerce market ecosystem
by building an independent solution to provide a next-generation blockchain portal review platform.

Daview Talk Vision

Daview Talk Vision

  • Daview Talk Key points
    Transparent and objective review writing system through blockchain
    Malicious, fake user management provided
    Various review categories regardless of type
    Compensation provided through ecosystem participation
  • Daview Talk Benefit
    Buyers purchase optimal products and services through honest and objective reviews through Daview Talk
    Growth with the platform through ecosystem participants and reward system
    Companies can build goodwill competition through objective and transparent reviews

Daview Talk Overview

Daview Talk aims to create a virtuous cycle business ecosystem to provide ecosystem
participants with a reliable and sustainable blockchain total review platform environment.

Daview Talk was developed to introduce an objective, transparent, and secure blockchain to the platform and participate in the platform ecosystem by utilizing DVTC, the key token.

Daview Talk platform users can utilize DVTC to provide various services and users can utilize it. A next-generation platform that provides various benefits to users participating in the platform ecosystem with the goal of providing a next-generation blockchain protocol through better environment and policies. We want to become a platform.

Daview Talk Economy

The Daview Talk platform utilizes DVTC to provide various services that users can utilize,
and to provide various benefits to users participating in the platform ecosystem through better environment and policies.

In order to participate in the Daview Talk platform, users can use it after going through KYC authentication within the platform.
Daview Talk's platform concept is to review and evaluate not only products but also all items that can be purchased by users according to the theme of All/Da, View, and Talk.
The written review is not uploaded immediately, but is uploaded to the platform after filtering and inspecting content unrelated to the review, such as profanity and slander, through the AI built within Daview Talk itself.
Best Vote
Best Vote
Users can read reviews about products or services they care about, rate those reviews to see if they were useful, and so on.
Corporate members sign up with a separate corporate account. Business accounts can post their products and services on dedicated pages, and can promote independent advertising areas by paying with DVTC.
Reward Pool
Reward Pool
Some of the DVTC fees paid within the platform are deposited into the Reward Pool, and DVTC is distributed as rewards for users participating in the Daview Talk ecosystem and prizes for future events.
Market Place
Market Place
In addition to products or services, affiliates affiliated with Daview Talk in the future can directly sell their products and services through Daview Marketplace, which can be purchased through DVTC.

Daview Talk Coin

Token Information

Token Issuance Plan
Token Issuance Plan
Token Name Daview Talk (DVTC) Token Symbol DVTC
Technology Base ERC-20 Total Issuance 1,000,000,000 DVTC
Token Issuance Plan
Token Name Daview Talk (DVTC)
Token Symbol DVTC
Technology Base ERC-20
Total Issuance 1,000,000,000 DVTC
Token Distribution Plan
Token Distribution Plan
  • Ecosystem (30%)300,000,000 DVTC
  • Development (20%)200,000,000 DVTC
  • Foundation (20%)200,000,000 DVTC
  • Marketing (15%)150,000,000 DVTC
  • Reserve (10%)100,000,000 DVTC
  • Sale (5%)50,000,000 DVTC



2023 Q1

  • Daview Talk planning and policy research
  • Daview Talk, DVTC platform and coin construction

2023 Q2

  • Daview Talk Platform field test and launch
  • Establishment of Daview Talk partnership
  • Daview Talk Listed Exchange Consultation

2023 Q3

  • Daview Talk Listed on Global Exchange
  • Daview Talk partnership expansion

2023 Q4

  • Daview Talk mainnet construction
  • Additional listing of Daview Talk



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